Saturday, October 30, 2010


I hate to be in this miserable situation. Hoping for you to understand what I am trying to say. I'll try to be your greatest partner but yet I've failed and there are nothing left for us, even a pieces of thing that we called love, perhaps. I try to figure out, what is wrong with you and I couldn't find the answer.

You stand still, numbness and nothing came out from your mouth, not a word, you kept silent and I won't force you to speak up. Did I do wrong??? Let me know and we will fix it together. If it my fault, don't simply keep it on your own. We have promised aren't we? Promised that we will settle down everything together but here we are, we took our own path.

I am here all alone, in the middle of the night and yet still awake, cry a tears. Trying to reach you and end up with frustration. What else can I say? What else left for me? You just being unfair. Did I lose you for someone out there? 


PMOfficial said...

suka lagu nih sgt2

liyanaziz said...

@Parkcheek Mooda
best kan?? tapi sedih.. =(

Anonymous said...

suka jgk

liyanaziz said...

jom sama2 dengar okay?? =)

si karut. said...

u r losing me now or never

Elie Lily said...

lagu ni ke yg yana selalu nyanyi kt bilik tu?heee

liyanaziz said...

@si karut.
pray for the best.. =)

liyanaziz said...

@little cart00n
ha'ah, yang yana selalu memekak dalam bilik!

Siti Safiyyah said...

hehe,, best kan lagu ni? ;)

p/s: kak yana dapat tag drpd saya. nanti tengok tau. ;)

tiafazunia said...

lagu neh bestt!
tp sedeyyy kann? sigh~

liyanaziz said...

best sangat2.. hehehhe.. okay then, t kak yana buat ek.. =)

liyanaziz said...

tula, best tapi sedih.. meaningful sangat2